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About Me

I was born 24th of November, 1977 in Sofia ,Bulgaria.
Ever since I was a child I have always dreamt of becoming a filmmaker and this passion of mine grew throughout the years.
In 1998 I had a chance to work for the first time in a feature film as electrician, which turned out to the cornerstone of my career.
My experience as an electrician / gaffer helped me learn how to handle the lights and also how to communicate with the technical crew.
Only a few years later, with the help of the DoP’s with whom I was working at that time, I became a 2nd AC which was the beginning of my career at the camera department.
Working as an AC and a focus puller I had collaborated with some of the best cinematographers in the world and had a great experience on the set of more then 30  movies, lots of commercials and music videos.
In 2003 I decided to move on to a camera operator, but the only chance for this in our small filmmakers world  was to become a steadicam operator first.
So after a lot of practice pro bono work I’ve started my steadicam career, which became my primary job for the next 6+ years.
Working with the best local and lots of foreign cinematographers and directors during the years, I had become more confident in what I was dreaming for and shortly after I made my first steps in cinematography.
So for the last years I have worked mainly as a cinematographer in a lot of local and forign commercials ,music videos , short films,feature films  and documentaries.
Because of my experience in filmmaking so far, I feel quite confident and ready to accept new challenges.

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